Space Planning

A functional and efficient space plan is the foundation to every successful business.  A well designed space plan offers:

  • The most economical use of a business’s square footage.
  • A logical sense of progression
  • Well planned spatial relationships between individuals and departments

Most importantly, when a space plan functions well, employees are more productive and less stressed in their work environment.

In order to complete a functional, efficient and pleasing space, we first need to develop a detailed understanding of your business functions. This is done on a departmental level and an individual employee level. For a complete understanding, we document and analyze:

  • Current and projected staffing requirements
  • Departmental functions, relationships and adjacencies
  • Facility requirements including:
    • Workspace
    • Common areas
    • Amenities
    • Special area facilities
    • Special equipment requirements
    • Existing office and furniture standards
    • Individual workspace allocation policies

Once the business function and space needs are developed, we begin to design a space plan. This process could involve:

  • Preparing a detailed schematic plan showing relationships between individuals and departments
  • Developing a conceptual design through sketches, elevations and details
  • Suggesting materials and furniture to communicate design concept
  • Preparing preliminary partition plans, reflected ceiling plans and power/communication plans
  • Developing a furniture layout
  • Communicating possible applications for branding