Our Design Process

You are planning to expand, renovate or refurbish your office/ commercial space. You have decided that you need help, but how does it work? Where do you begin? What is involved?

No need to stress, please contact us and we will provide you with solutions. While every project is unique, most will follow a similar process:

  1. Consultation: we meet with you and decide what design services you require
  2. Site Documentation: we document your existing or new space
  3. Preliminary Planning: we create a plan that works for you
  4. Execution of Design Service: we make it happen

1. Consultation

  • You complete a “Request for Design Consultation” form on this website
  • We will call you to discuss your current issues and your future wish-list
  • You provide us with any existing photos, drawings or documents that you have pertaining to the project
  • We will conduct an on-site Initial Consultation
  • We will prepare a Design Proposal that includes a Project Example for your review, a recommended list of design services that you may require, and an estimated timeline

2. Site Documentation

  • The Dezign 1 team will complete  detailed site measurements of your existing space and/or  new space
  • We will take photo documentation of your existing space and/or new space
  • We will complete an “As-Built” plan of your space

3.  Preliminary Planning

  • We gather information regarding your space requirements
  • With this information, we create a few design options that meet your criteria
  • We present these options to you for discussion and review
  • We listen to your feedback, and refine the design accordingly
  • We present the final design for your approval

4. Execution of Design Services

  • We begin the final design package according to the services required
  • We continue to provide support and guidance and additional services if desired
  • For information regarding our Design Services, please contact us